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considering yourself the postmaster write a letter to your friend telling him about the lencho's episode​

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lencho was a poor farmer who was dependent on his corn crop to survive and fulfill the basic need of his family he had faith in God and believe that God would help hymn when the hail storm destroyed is crop completely .

he was left with nothing and did not know how to take care of his family he wrote a letter to god asking for a hundred pesos in order to show his field again when he is used the money it was a little less than what he had asked for he thought that the post office employee I had taken some part of the money because god can't make a mistake so he wrote another letter to god asking for the rest of the money such was his faith in God he believe that God would definitely help him in his need

lencho reaction toward post office employee is not justified the post office employee in their own way tried to help him by contributing a part of his salary but lencho call them a bunch of crooks as he failed they had taken out the money from the envelope

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