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Mary Lewis Mary Lewis Jan 17, 2021

I have to write an easy story with a title "The lost key" needs to be 2 pages of A4 paper

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A few weeks into the long holidays I felt very restless.

I had gone camping with my friends, watched the latest videotapes read all the books I wanted to and now I did not know what to do with myself. Out of desperation I even considered getting a part-time job, but I was too lazy. As I lay on my bed day-dreaming; my mother walked into the room.

She sighed and said “Why don’t you tidy up your room? It’s such a mess.”

I groaned at the thought of having to do so much work.

“C’mon, you’ve slept enough. Get up!”

Slowly I dragged myself out of bed and wearily set about the task of tidying up my room. It seemed impossible; so much junk lying around the floor, books all over the writing table and cobwebs decorating the corners. As the afternoon wore on, I began to actually feel happier. I supposed that the very act of cleaning the room must have lifted up my spirits. Soon I found myself whistling cheerfully.

SvendJuhl SvendJuhl
Jan 17, 2021
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