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What was the Postwar Situation in 1919, and the reasons to reject the treaty of Versailles? I am writing an assignment in U.S History and This answer... |

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The main reason that the US Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles was that they did not like the idea of the League of Nations.  The League of Nations' charter said that if one member of the League was attacked by another country, all of the members should help defend it.  Many senators did not want the US dragged into another war that we did not really care about just because some little country in Europe got invaded.

As far as the postwar situation, the US was having a little bit of a crisis economically.  The country was having trouble knowing what to do with all the soldiers returning to civilian life.  There was also a red scare.  Is there anything in specific you need to know about this period?  Any particular area you are supposed to write about?

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