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a car used 1/64 of a gallon of gas to drive 1/4 mile. at the rate how many miles can the car travel using 1 gallon of gas?

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To find out how many miles the car can travel using 1 gallon of gas, we need to determine the miles per gallon (MPG) of the car.

Given that the car used 1/64 of a gallon of gas to drive 1/4 mile, we can set up a proportion:

(1/4 mile) / (1/64 gallon) = (x miles) / (1 gallon)

To solve for x, we can multiply the fractions and cross-multiply:

(1/4) * (1 gallon) = (x miles) * (1/64)

1/4 = x/64

To isolate x, we can multiply both sides by 64:

64 * (1/4) = x

16 = x

Therefore, the car can travel 16 miles using 1 gallon of gas.

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