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. A heap of wheat is in the form of a cone whose diameter is 10.5 m and height is 3 m.Find its volume. The heap is to be covered by canvas to protect it from rain. Find theant issolids obtained Il/icalarea of the canvas required.​

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Coronavirus News Highlights: Today is the 300th day since India implemented a nationwide lockdown to help curb the novel coronavirus pandemic. So far, India has recorded 1,05,71,773 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 1,52,419 deaths. A total of 1,02,11,342 people have recuperated from COVID-19 so far. There are 2,08,012 active cases in the country as of date, which comprises 1.97 percent of the total caseload, the data stated. India's recovery rate continues to rise and now stands at 96.59 percent. Globally, more than 9.49 crore people have been infected by the coronavirus and 20.29 lakh have died so far. India, along with many countries, has granted emergency use authorization for COVID-19 vaccines and has started the process of vaccinating healthcare workers and high-risk groups. India's regulator has granted restricted emergency use approval for two vaccines -- Covishield and Covaxin. Over 2.24 lakh people were given the COVID-19 vaccine in two days in India, and 447 adverse events, including three requiring hospitalisation, have been reported.

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Jan 19, 2021
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