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Passive voice of :(2) Sarlà does not washher clothes.(3) We play cricket daily(4) Does he insult you?(5) She wrote a letter to her father.(6) Mother did not cook the food yesterday.(7) You committed a mistake.(8) They saw a film last Sunday.(9) She will Decideyou..(10) Grandmother will tell us nice stories.(11) Will she read the newspaper ?(12) Who will teach you English today?(13) How will you finish your work?(14) The police will catch the thief.(15) Did the hunter kill the birds?​

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  1. clothes are not washed by sarla
  2. cricket is played by us daily
  3. are u insulted by him
  4. a letter was written by her to her father
  5. the food was not cooked by my mother yesterday
  6. a mistake was committed by u
  7. a film was seen by them last Sunday
  8. u will be helped by her
  9. nice stories will be told to us by grandmother
  10. will the newspaper be read by her?
  11. by whom u will be taught english today?
  12. how the work will be finished by u
  13. the thief will be caught by police
  14. was the birds killed by the hunter
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Dec 24, 2020
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