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Write a letter to your frd inviting him to spend the diwali vacation with you may use the following points1 . reason for wanting him to come.2. will be happy in his company3. your program and plan if he comes.4. free from the prisios of study5. request him to come without fail.​

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For many of us, this time of year is a time for finding joy in the planning and celebrating of various festivals and celebrations that bring families and friends together over the winter months. With varying levels of lockdown restrictions in place across Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales, it is safe to assume that this year’s celebrations will be very different to those in years gone by.

For some of us, the formal parts of religious festivals may change – with Places of Worship operating to different rules. For others, the informal gatherings and family traditions that accompany times of celebration will be affected.

We know that many people will be under the highest lockdown restrictions for Diwali on 14 November. It is very likely that there will still be tight restrictions on household gatherings throughout December, affecting people who wish to celebrate Hanukkah, Pancha Ganapti, Kwanzaa, Christmas and New Year.

Most of the religious festivals at this time of year celebrate prosperity, hope and light – and it is important that we hold onto the meaning of these celebrations all the more if we cannot mark them in the way we might have in the past.

Coping with the disappointment that you may not be able to mark an occasion in the usual way, particularly events which have special meaning, can be challenging. You may feel a range of emotions akin to grief and sadness, which is completely understandable. Accepting the reality of our situation without holding on to the hope that maybe things will return to ‘normal’ in time, can help. If you can reduce the gap between your expectations of the ‘perfect holiday’ and the reality of what’s possible, you can plan how to balance safety and celebration.

We will have to be more creative in how we join in the festivities but, in years to come, talking about how we celebrated in 2020 may well become one of our most cherished memories – precisely because we were asked to strip back and focus

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