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Crack it (1) The total cost of fencing a rectangular field at the rate of 31/mis 2914. If its lengthis 25 m, find its breadth. (Hint: First divide the total cost by rate to find the perimeter.)(2) The length and breadth of a rectangle are in the ratio 3:2. If its perimeter is 3 m80 cm, find its dimensions. (Hint: Convert perimeter to cm and find one part by division:then multiply by number of parts.)(3) Seven square flower beds each of side 2 m are dug on a piece of land 8 m long and5 m wide. What is the area of the remaining part of the land?(Hint Find the total area of 7 flower beds by multiplication, and then subtract.)(4) The length of a rectangular stadium is twice its breadth. Varun ran around it 6 timesand covered a distance of 3.6 km. What is the length of the field?(Hint Let the breadth be x and length be 2x; write an expression for perimeter andequate it to distance of one round.)(5) Johnson wants to buy a new carpet for his living room. If the dimensions of hisliving room are 650 cm x 320 cm, calculate in sq.m, the area that will be coveredby the carpet. (Hint: Convert the dimensions to metre and multiply.)​

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1. rate of fencing = 31/m

total rate= perimeter × rate of fencing


perimeter=94 m

perimeter =2(l+b)



b= 22 m

2.perimeter = 3.80m

perimeter =2(l+b)






3.area covered by one flower bed=2×2=4m²

area covered by 7 flower bed=7×4m²=28m²

area of land= 8×5=40m²

area of remaining land=40-28=12m²

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