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108Oxford Current English Grammar26. She (learn) English for three years.27. Mr Das (teach) in this college since 1995.28. It (rain) for ten hours.29. My father (be) ill for four days.30. I (be) absent since Monday.31. I (be) here for a year.32. He (go) just out.33. We (know) each other for years.34. I (not see) him since morning.35. He (write) a letter now.36. Don't disturb him. He (worship).37. I am (be) late.38. He has (grow) old in my service.39. She is (play) in the field.40. Have you (write) the letter?‚Äč

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26. She ( has been learning ) English for three years.

27. Mr Das ( has been teaching ) in this college since 1995.

28. it ( has been raining ) for ten hours.

29. My father ( has been ) ill for four days.

30. i ( have been ) absent since monday.

31. i ( have been ) here for a year.

32. He ( has gone ) just out.

33. We ( have known ) each other for years.

34. i ( have not seen ) him since morning.

35. He ( is writing ) a letter now.

36. Don't disturb him. He ( is worshiping )

38. He has ( grown ) old in my service.

39. She is ( playing ) in the field.

40. Have you ( written ) the letter ?

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Dec 24, 2020
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