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Gardena Gardena Jan 17, 2021

Rewrite the following sentences by correcting the highlighted words.1. He plays neither cricket or football.2. Until you do not apologize, I shall punish you.3. Neither he comes nor does he play.4. Both Ravi as well as Mahesh are interested in this.5. I have no other hobby but that of collecting books.6. Scarcely had she left than a storm began to blow.7. No sooner Mukesh arrives then he begins to study.8. He asked me that whether Mukesh had gone.9. Though he is poor, but he is happy.10. Walk carefully otherwise you should fall.​

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as you dint highlight any words here, I gave answers according to sentence

1. He neither plays cricket nor football.

2. Until you do not apologize, I will punish you.

3. Neither he comes nor he plays.

4. Both Ravi and Mahesh are interested in this.

5. I have no other hobby except collecting books.

6. Scarcely had she left when a storm began to blow.

7. No sooner Mukesh arrives than he begins to study.

8. He asked me whether Mukesh had gone.

9. Though he is poor, he is happy.

10. Walk carefully otherwise you will fall.

Syroporshnev Syroporshnev
Jan 17, 2021
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