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आपको अपनी पाठशाला में 500 रुपए मिलते तो आप क्या करते? अपने शब्दों में उत्तर लिखिए।what would you do if u got 500 rupees in your school? write your own words?​

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He finds it. The amount of joy and glee he will experience is much worth more than what those 500 rupees will ever mean to you. Especially in a country like ours(India) where people are constantly losing faith in each other. It will help him a great deal in assuring that honesty does exist and your great deeds will traverse all across his friends and family. Free blessings.

He doesn't find it. You are not a mugger. Your life will not change irrespective of the fact that you pick the note or not. So why take the guilt of something so meagre and be the target of someone's abuse. Free swearing is all you'll get.

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