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How you spent your last birthday 2.) The first time you rode a bicycle (Also, describe how you leared it.)​

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learned to ride a bike when I was 5.

I had been riding around with training wheels for sometime, and then one day my dad decided it was time for them to come off. I was super excited!

We took my bike down to the playground of the nearby school, and my dad held me up and ran alongside, while I tried my best to balance.

I only fell a couple of times before I got it. My dad let go of me and I kept going—straight for the school building. But I didn’t care, I was riding a bike! Even as I plowed right into the school, my little heart was filled with joy. I knew I was going to crash, but it was worth it. I immediately jumped to my feet and I wanted to do it again—without crashing of course.

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