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आदर्श आदर्श लिमिटेड वाइज रजिस्टर विद थे कैपिटल ऑफ​

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Answer   Speed & Velocity

We often find the terms speed and the velocity as similar; however, practically, there’s a difference between them in them in terms of nature.

Let’s suppose I traveled 120 km in 5 hr, so obviously my speed will be distance/time, i.e., 120/5 or 24 kmph. So this was the case for the speed, now if I ask which directions I took in my journey and from starting, in the middle or while making turns and till the end, was my speed the same?  The answer will be clearly No; it’s because initially the speed was 0 when my car was at rest, when I started, it was slow, I also increased my speed, also decreased during the turns; on the whole, my speed wasn’t the same, which means I traveled with a velocity (varying speed) to cover 120 km distance in 5 hrs. Now. let’s discuss the difference between speed and velocity in tabular form:



Speed is simply the rate of change of motion.

Velocity is direction-aware and it is the rate of change of position of an object.

Speed is the distance traveled by a body in a  unit time.

Velocity is the displacement covered by a body in a unit time.

Speed is a scalar quantity

Velocity is a vector quantity.

Speed ascertains how fast a body moves.

Velocity ascertains the object’s speed and the direction it takes while moving.

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