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What is Victor's trait in This is What it Means to Say Phoenix Arizona? in the Story This is what it means to say Phoenix Arizona |

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Victor and his father had a conflicted relationship. But Victor also has a problem relating to Thomas. In the trip to Arizona Thomas tells Victor a lot he didn't know about his father.This new information comes via many tales and tribulations. This makes Victor see his father in a a new way, through someone else's eyes.Thomas said he had a vision when he was only 13 so he went to Spokane Falls. Thomas expected it to be a place full of spiritual energy where he would have a vision. Instead, he was discovered by Victor's father who gets him a meal at a  Denny's restaurant and takes him back home, to the reservation.

After their travels and Victor's softening toward his father and Thomas, he gives some of his father's ashes to Thomas, and they plan to scatter the ashes at Spokane Falls.

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