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Adoriel Adoriel Jan 19, 2021

Describe the characteristics of following forestTopical Evergreen Tropical Deciduous thron forest montane vegetation.class 9​

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Tropical evergreen

) These forests appear green throughout the year and have heavy rainfall of more than 200 cm with a short dry season.

2) The trees reach great heights up to 60 metres or even above.

3) Since the region is warm and wet throughout the year, it has an abundant vegetation of all kinds – trees, shrubs, and creepers.

Tropical deciduous

(i) These are the most widespread forests in India. (ii) They are also called the monsoon forests and are spread over the region. (iii) They receive rainfall between 70 cm and 200 cm. (iv) Trees shed their leaves for about six to eight weeks in dry summer.

Felore Felore
Jan 19, 2021
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