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Bev has to cut her grandma's grass this weekend and wants to know exactly How to find out how mucharea she will be cutting. Calculate the area of the polygon. Be sure to show all your work and explain your answer.

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448 cents Daisy Walker

to calculate the area of a Hexagon you could find how many right triangles are in the hexagon and calculate the area of those right triangles to the amount of right triangles there are in the hexagon. A Hexagon has 6 isoceles triangles with bases of 15 ft and height of 4 ft, which means it has 12 right triangles with base of 7.5  and height of 4ft,. Area of the right triangle is bh/2 (base times height divided by two) which base is 7.5 and height is 4 so bh=30 and divided by two is 15, there are 12 right triangles so you can multiply 15*12 and thats the area of the Hexagon which is 180 degrees

Daisy Walker
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