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What global political issue helped cause the collapse of the Spanish mission system in Georgia?

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The Spanish mission system was set since 1568 and it ended in 1684. Mainly handled by the Franciscan order, the missions settled mostly on the lands that belong today to Florida and Georgia. Their intent was to evangelize the Indian tribes of the region and also adapt them to what the Spanish considered more civilized lifestyles.

Initially, these missions were pretty successful, and it was actually the chiefs of the Native American villages who requested missions to be sent to their lands from the Spanish Crown. However, the system that was established by the Spanish, of drafting young males of marriage-age to work as subordinates, put Indian tribes in difficult situations that finally led to the end of the system.

The first two factors that led to the collapse of the mission system that spread throughout Florida and Georgia, were the exposure to disease of these young men and the resettlement of the tribal people. Between 1656 and 1657, the decimation of the population due to disease, along with the forced resettlement of tribes, became factors that helped to end the mission system.

However, one of the biggest factors that led to the end of the missions was the alliance that began to form between Indian tribes and English raiders and pirates. By 1685, most missions had already retreated towards the barrier islands. It was a pirate raid that took place in 1684, that finally ended the whole missionary attempt of the Spanish.

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