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SLVODate: 3.1 2020Session: ANTime: 3 hoursMax Marks: 100PART A (10x2-20 Marks)QuestionsBlooms COChoose the correct parts of speech in the given bold words:A1(4x1/2-2)1. She must have reached home,a) Adveró b) Verb c) noun2. Masons build houses,a) preposition b) noun c) adjective3. She was very impressed with her results.a) Adjective byadverb c) preposition4. The policeman didn't run fast enough to catch the thief.a)preposition b)adjective c) adverbdi norite the following work In necordance with the AP​

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Answer:here is ur answer

Resources are a kind of supply that can be drawn on by a person or organisation in order to function and execute plans and projects. Resources can be in the form of money, material, staff, energy, expertise, time and management, among other things.

Resource is a broad term and its definition varies across fields — economics, biology and ecology, computer science, management, and human resources.

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