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A grasshopper floating in water waves at a rate of three per second with a wavelength of 2 centimeters. What is the velocity of these waves |

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When looking at light, we talk about the relationship between frequency and wavelength in terms of the speed of light, c.

nu = c / lambda

Since we aren't talking about light, the speed won't be speed but we can still talk bout the frequency (nu) and the wavelength (lambda).

For this question, the freqency is 3 s^-1 and the wavelength is 2 cm.  As a result, the units of the speed will be centimeters per second. 

nu = speed / lambda

3 s^-1 = speed / 2 cm

Now, we need to rearrange the equation to solve for the speed to get the answer whic is

2 cm * 3 s^-1 = speed

6 cm/s = speed

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