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Choudhary devi lal led the movement------------​

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Chaudhary Devi Lal, (born September 25, 1914, Teja Khera, India—died April 6, 2001, New Delhi), Indian politician and government official who founded the Indian National Lok Dal political party and was instrumental in the formation of Haryana as a state separate from Punjab state in northwestern India. He twice served (1977–79 and 1987–89) as Haryana’s chief minister (head of government) and had two brief terms (1989–90 and 1990–91) as the deputy prime minister of India under two consecutive administrations

Lal was unsuccessful in the June polls, as he lost races to both the Lok Sabha and the Haryana assembly. He also lost electoral bids to those two bodies in 1996 and to the Lok Sabha in 1998. Lal was elected to the Rajya Sabha (upper chamber of the Indian parliament) in 1998 and remained there until his death.

In September 1991 Lal embarked on a yearlong “awakening journey” (chetna yatra) that took him to rural communities in Haryana and several other Indian states. He continued such visits over the next couple of years. By 1996 he had announced his intention to form a new political party in Haryana that focused on the welfare of farmers and others with lower status in Indian society. The party was officially launched as the Haryana Lok Dal (Rashtriya) in 1998, and by the following year it had become known as the Indian National Lok Dal. In 1999 Lal relinquished leadership of the party to his son, Om Prakash Chautala.

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