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प्रश्न.1 अधोलिखितम् गद्यांश पठित्वा प्रश्नान् उत्तरत ।भारतवर्षे षऋतवः वसन्तः, ग्रीष्मः, वर्षाः, शरदः, हेमन्तः, शिशिरः च भवन्ति । वसन्तःऋतुराजः कथ्यते । वसन्तस्य आगमनेन जनाः प्रसन्ना भवति। मलिनता गच्छति स्वाच्छतायाः च आगमनं भवति। तडागेषु जलं स्वच्छं भवति। सरोवरेषु रक्तानि कमलानि विकसंति। वृक्षेषु नवपल्लवानि आगच्छन्ति । आमेषु मञ्जर्यः आगच्छन्ति । उचितम् उत्तरं चिनुत ।क) भारतवर्शे कति ऋतवः भवन्ति?अ) पञ्चब) षट्स) सप्त द) अष्टख) ऋतुराजः कः कथ्यते?अ) वसन्तः ब) शिशिर स) हेमन्तः द) ग्रीष्मःपूर्णवाक्येन उत्तरत्।क) षड्ऋतूणां नामानि लिखत?ख) वसन्ते वृक्षेणु किं परिवर्तनं भवति?​

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Love Story" is a song written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. She produced the song with Nathan Chapman. It was released on September 12, 2008 by Big Machine Records, as the lead single from Swift's second studio album Fearless (2008). It was written about a love interest of Swift's who was not popular among her family and friends. Because of the scenario, Swift related to the plot of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (1597) and used it as a source of inspiration to compose the song. However, she replaced the play's original tragic conclusion with a happy ending. It is a midtempo song with a dreamy soprano voice, while the melody continually builds. The lyrics are from the perspective of Juliet.

"Love Story"

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