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Read this argument from the New York Times opinion pages.. Does the author of this article agree or disagree with Nadia arumugam? Use evidence from each article to support your answer

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he agrees with nadia the author is saying that the ban will not help obesity and will not work .

The author of this article disagrees with Nadia Arumugam on whether or not the soda ban will work in fighting against obesity.

The author of this New York Times opinion article believes that Mr. Bloomberg “is overreaching with his new plan to ban the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces” because “customers can get around the ban by purchasing two drinks”.

On the other hand, Arumugam´s article “Why Soda Ban Will Work In Fight Against Obesity; Food Regulations Have Proven Record” makes her position in favor of the soda ban very clear.  

To sustain her position, Nadia Arumugam cites Thomas Farley, commissioner of New York City’s Health Department when he said that, if the new regulation "leads to New Yorkers simply reducing the size of one sugary drink from 20 ounces to 16 ounces every other week, it would help them avoid gaining some 2.3 million pounds a year."

Furthermore, she finishes her article, stating that “judging by the impact of Bloomberg's past food and health-related regulations there's a high probability it will inspire improvement in the city's health stats.”

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