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Garbage has been littered in your locality causing filthy, unhygienic environment. Write a letter(in about 100 words) to the head of the civic authority of your locality to clean garbage regularly.​

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Dear Sir,

My name is Vishwa Vinutna, a resident of Square villa colony. I am writing this letter to complain you about litter problem in our neighborhood.

The main problem is rubbish collecting van does not come regularly, because of this, the litter is heavily being deposited on the road. After, two days it produces bad smell that is harmful for us. Moreover, it attracts various insects and microorganisms. Sometimes, in windy atmosphere, garbage is dispersed on the entire lane, which makes the colony untidy.

This situation has worsened when one of my neighbors became sick because of awful atmosphere of colony. I am concerned about the safety of my family members and residents of colony. Hence, I believe this problem should be solved as early as possible.

To address this problem, I suppose that the rubbish should be collected daily or at least on alternate days to prevent the accumulation of waste. As a responsible environmental officer, you have to look into this issue and imp ent stern rules to avoid these kinds of problems.

I look forward to seeing a prompt action from you.

Yours sincerely,

Vishwa Vinutna

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