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Ronald Brown Ronald Brown Jan 13, 2021

You are Raman living at C-88 , shiva enclave , Rohini , Delhi 85. Your grandmother has sent you a beautiful wrist watch as a birthday gift . write a letter to her thanking for give me a beautiful wrist watch​

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C-88, Shiva Enclave

Rohini, New Delhi

13 January 2021

Dear Grandmother,

How are you? I hope that both you and grandfather are in good health and are keeping well. I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful wrist watch that you sent to me as my birthday gift.

We just received it yesterday. Everyone in house was amazed to see it. I wore it to my school and tution and everybody appreciated it a lot there too. It is really a very beautiful watch. I am very thankful to you for it.

We will come to visit you very soon. I miss you a lot. Bye, take care.

Yours truly,


Painweaver Painweaver
Jan 13, 2021
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