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you have been observing the clean lines of the class for two months as a school captain write a formal report to the principle updating him /her about your observation help​

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Advising students to keep the school neat and clean

Respected principal, teachers and dear friends: Good morning everybody. Today, I, Anu, am here to teach the students not to litter the school premises and keeping it neat and clean. It is not the work of the cleaning staff only to keep the school clean. It is our responsibility to keep our school neat and clean. I have observed many students, especially junior classes, litter the school compound and veranda with tiffin leftovers and empty packets of snacks, etc. This damages the image of the students. Since we were toddlers our teachers have taught us that we should keep our surroundings clean, so we should not forget their teachings and should stick to them.

This will make our school look more beautiful and a hygienic place and ultimately it will keep us healthy too. If our surroundings are dirty, it affects our health too.

So for the sake of our health too we should not make the school premises dirty.

Sylvia Wilson
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