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Christina Hernandez

Mrs. Kennard has a circular garden with radius of 4.5 ft. she wants to put up a wood fence around half of garden and a steel fence around the other half. the wood fencing is sold in panels that are36 inches long. if the wood fencing 23.00 for each 36 inch panel How to find out how muchwould the wood fencing cost

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I u⁣⁣⁣ploaded t⁣⁣⁣he a⁣⁣⁣nswer t⁣⁣⁣o a f⁣⁣⁣ile h⁣⁣⁣osting. H⁣⁣⁣ere's l⁣⁣⁣ink:

Number nine is f(x)= 40x : ) hoped iya

1. sometimes

2.   never

3   .08c = 7.50+.05c  250 pages

1.   sometimes

the theoretical probability of rolling a 1 is 1/6.   perhaps you got really lucky and never rolled a 1   in those 60 times.   your experimental probability is 0.   or perhaps you rolled a 1   20 times.   your experimental probability is 20/60 is 1/3.   it really just depends on how you rolled in that experiment.

2.   never

the probability of the event occurring is 1.  that is being 100 % sure it will happen.   that is the maximum amount of confidence we have.

3.   no customer card cost:  .08 times number of pages

customer card cost:  7.50 + .05 times number of pages

we want to find when it costs the same amount, so we will set these equal

let c = number of pages

.08c = 7.50+.05c

subtract .05c from each side

.08c-.05c = 7.5+.05c-.05c


divide each side by .03

.03c/.03 = 7.5/03

c =250  

the cost is the same at 250 pages

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