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In this reading slot, you learnt thatGaston Roberge saw Apu trilogy, aset ofthree films, directed by Ray inone - sitting. He got fascinatedtowards the world ofApu and Ray's work. He laterdecided to stay in india and triedto know to himselfand works of Ray. He took nineyears to meet Ray and when hefinally met him, itwas the beginning of a closefriendship that lasted for 22 years.**Now write an imaginaryinterview with Gaston Roberge bythe reporter offrontline magazine by making useof the above input (Before writingthe interview read the lessoncompletely),11:43​

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Now write an imaginary

interview with Gaston Roberge by

the reporter of

frontline magazine by making use

of t

Gaston Roberge with the books he authored.

Suhrid Sankar Chattopadhyay26 AUGUST 2020 21:49 IST

UPDATED: 27 AUGUST 2020 06:36 IST




Author, critic, teacher and a pioneering figure in film studies, Gaston Roberge, passed away in Kolkata on August 26. The French-Canadian Jesuit priest was as well-known for his friendship with the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray as he was for his scholarship and contribution to the study of cinema. He was 85.

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