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How to find out how muchcenturies will monkeys/chimpanzis / orangutans / gorillas would take to gain the same IQ and capability to apply their IQ as a current human...?​

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Firstly, Chimpanzee, gorillas, organutans can't become human. An individual of one species cannot, during its lifetime, turn into another species. But your question is so interesting because it helps us think about life, evolution and what it means to be human.Let's say, young sulfur-crested cockatoos are produced by a pair of adult sulfur crested cockatoos, not a pair of Major Mitchell’s cockatoos, but also not by a sulfur-crested cockatoo and a Major Mitchell’s cockatoo.This observation would lead you to think that species don’t change much, and yet they do and sometimes over quite a short time period (for example, in response to climate change). This raises a very interesting question of how species change, and how new species emerge.Monkeys are probably going to turn into humans but probably not sometime soon. So to return to your original question – no, monkey won't evolve sometime soon. but we do share ancestors, who over a very long time became what we now recognise as different species: chimpanzees, bonobos and humans. And that makes chimpanzees and bonobos rather special.
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