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Write a letter to your friend telling him/her 3 reasons why you like your school

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How are you? I am doing well. You will be glad to know I have taken admission to Central School. The school building stands tall in the middle of a large ground.

I was apprehensive of starting overall again in a new environment. To my surprise, the school has welcomed me with an open heart. Our teachers treat us like their own children. They teach with great interest. I have made new friends also. They are very co-operative and we help each other in our studies.

The playground is the man attraction of the school. We have plenty of co-curricular activities which I love the most. I am elated to be able to continue with my football practice. I am fortunate enough to become the captain of our junior school team I am coping up in the new school, I often miss my old friends.

How are you doing with your studies? You must be working hard. Take care of yourself. Please convey my regards to your parents.

Hope u understand

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