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Yani Yani Dec 10, 2020

The followingColumn - A(Evidences of evolution)Column - B(Example)1. Homologous Organs2. Analogous Organs3. Fossils(A) (1-a), (2-b),(3-c)C) (1.b), (2-c), (3-a)(a) Ammonite, Trilobite(b) Limbs of frog and lizard(C) wings of bird and bats(B) (1-c),(2-b), (3-a)(D) (1.b),(2-a),(3-c)​

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(B) (1-b),(2-c),(3-a)

Homologous organs are organs having the same basic design but different functions. They may also appear different. Example - Limbs of frog and Lizard.

Analoguous organs are organs having different basic structure but same function. They also apper similar. Example - Wings of bird and bats.

Fossils are dead remains of plants and animals who lived in the remote past. Example- Ammonite and Trilobite.

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Shalilsa Shalilsa
Dec 10, 2020
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