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The cost to fill a car’s tank with gas and get a car wash is a linear function of the capacity of the tank. The costs of a fill-up and a car wash for three different customers are shown in the table. Write an equation for the function in slope-intercept form. Then, find the cost of a fill-up and a car wash for a customer with a truck whose tank size is 20 gallons.

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days of the week

javier earned more money then kyle, so that won't always be a constant term, but the days of the week do not change so that term is always constant.

edit:i meant


what is the conflict?

*what has happened to new york city?

*what is in the time capsule?

* what did the kidz see that gave them hope?

*what will they do with what they find?

* how will theysave the city?

* what challenges will they face along the way?

*what big choice will they make at the climax of the story?

* what lesson do they learn at the end of the story?

i believe it's a.

i'm not sure on this one, most likely correct.

good luck!
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