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8. All parabolas with x-axis as the axis and (a,0) as focus.Form the differential equation??​

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The poet wants to bring reformation by means of his poem. He wants that

should give up all the bad things and adopt new good things. The evils

mentioned are falsehood, sad memories of the past, misery and poverty,

Burmful old traditions, carnal desires, sins, greed ete. The things that we

should welcome are truth, people's well-being, noble ways of life, pure laws,

bone of truth, right and good and above all everlasting world peace.Find the least integer that could replace the _in order to make the sentence | 16÷8| -|_|+|-7|=6 true

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Draw lines parallel to the X-axis at a distance of 3.5 units above it and 3 units below it. Draw lines parallel to

the Y-axis at a distance of 45 units on its right side and at a distance of 6 units on its left side.

Complete the practical as per the given instructions. Write observations in the observation table and

write the equations of the lines

Draw your conclusion

For student's activityFind the 6th class interval for a grouped data whose

ist a class intervals are 10-15 and 15-20Given that ,,ABC~PQR, CM and

RN are respectively the medians of

ABC and PQR. Prove that

(i) AMC ~ PNR



(iii) ACMB ~ ARNQ4. Show that the cube of any positive integer is of the form 4m or 4m+1 or 4m 3

where 'm' is a whole number.36 women can reap a field in 40 days. If the field is reaped by 14 men and 8 women, then how many days

thev will take to reap the field completely? it is given that 7 men are equivalent to 4 women3. A bag contains 8 red and 6 blue balls. Two drawing of each 2 balls are made. Find the

probability that the first drawing gives two red balls and second drawing gives 2 blue

halls if the halls drawn first are replaced before the second draw.If the ratio of the income of A B and C is 2:3:4 their saving ratio is 1:2:3 and B expense 87.5% of his income and total saving is Rs.25000 then find the total expenditure?.The price of sugar is increased by 20%.By what percent must the consumption of sugar be decrease so that the expenditure on sugar may remain the sameThe table shows the balance of Steven's savings account over time. Assuming there are no withdrawals, if you graph the relationship for Steven's monthly balances, which points will lie on the resulting line?

Month Balance

1 $400

3 $1,200

7 $2,800

9 $3,600

13 $5,200dhelp me wpleaseill mark brainless

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