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Worksheet 7 got now. Fill in the blanks with the present perfect tense of the verbs given in the brackets.1. My parents have agreed (agree) to send me to the picnic. 2. The teacher des collad (call) my parents for a meeting. 3. Vikram har (get) a new computer. He can work much faster har hollen Rahul (fall) from the stairs. We must take him to a doctor. Prices of the basic commodities heure Rised (rise) sharply over the last two months. Although the government have taken (take) a lot of measures to control the situation, people do not look satisfied. Hove you (find) your mobile phone? No. (see) it anywhere? I have finished (finish) my homework. Now can I come with you to the mall? 8. (stay) in this hotel twice. It has really nice rooms, 5. 6. you sur 7. stayel (stay​

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20 July 20..

The Editor

The Times of India


Subject: How to boost the tourism industry


Tourism like any other industry has to satisfy the customers for its success. And in tourism the customers are the tourists. In order to attract the customers the industry has to take care of certain basic things. The first of these is security. Tourists must feel themselves secure when they are visiting a place. They should have no fear of being cheated or robbed. Next comes the system of transport. It must be easy, comfortable and not too expensive. The place must also be clean and should have attractive surroundings. The hospitality of the people and their friendly behaviour towards the tourist can help a lot in attracting them to the place again and again. To do all this both the government and the public have to play their respective roles faithfully and diligently.

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