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Directions: Choose the correct homophone for each sentence below.write right1 I like toin my journal each day.blueblewhard 2. She made a wish andonewonthegame today 3. My soccer teamleft.weekweak4. There is only one more5. I had largepiece - peaceof pumpkin pie.the marbles using this scale. way weigh6. Let'sIIand read the chart.eye7. Close oneknowno8. Do youif they are here yet?eight ate9. I will beyears old in two days.barebear10. The blackgrabbed a fish to eat.‚Äč

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1. I like to write in my journal each day

2. She made a wish and blew hard !

3. My soccer team won the game today !

4. There is only one more week left .

5. I had a large piece of pumpkin pie.

6. Let's weigh the marbles using this scale.

7. Close one eye and read the chart .

8. Do you know they are here yet ?

9. I will be eight years old in two days .

10. The black bear grabbed a fish to eat .

hope it helps you in your homework

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