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Syroporshnev Syroporshnev Jan 17, 2021

Answer plzzgiven below is a short conversation complete the Dialogues by filling in the gaps in any suitable way write the answer in the space provided ​

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Martha: When's dad returning home Mom?

Mother: Your Dad is on his way and should be home any moment. Why do you ask?

Martha: He said that today he would come early at dinner time but it's already past 9 now.

Mother: Relax, Martha. Let's set up the dining table till he comes, shall we?

Martha: No, I won't help you set up the dinner table unless you tell when Dad is going to return.

Mother: That's not a very nice thing to say, Martha.

            (a doorbell rings)

             Oh, the door bell just rang. I think he's home. Can you please                           check who it is?

Martha: No doorbell has rung, Mom. What's wrong with you? It's on television.

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Jan 17, 2021
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