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Daniel James Daniel James Jan 17, 2021

1/a+b + 1/a-b +2b/a^2-b^2ans =2/a-b Decidefind the process

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solid uniform iron cube of volume 1ltr is fastened to ont end of an ideal string,the other end of which is attached to a light plastic bucket containing water.the string passes over an ideal pulley and the iron cube is suspended in the water,as shown in is found that the system is in equilibrium.(water doesn't split during the process performed in options).mark the correct options.assuming density of water=1gm/cc and iron = 7.8gm/cc36. x का वह मान जो समीकरण

10(x +6)+8(x-3)=D5(5r-4)

को संतुष्ट करता है वह निम्न समीकरण को

संतुष्ट करता है:

(1) 3(3x-5) = 2x + 1

.(2) 2(x+3)= 5(x-5)+4

(3)-5(x-5) = 2(x-3)+5

(4) 5(x-3) =x+5

Leclerc Jean-Philippe Leclerc Jean-Philippe
Jan 17, 2021
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