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'Along power cut'. You went up to the terrace. You froze with terror. There was .............Develop a story on bases of these lines.​

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143 cents Ronald Brown

A long power cut, I went up to the terrace. I froze with terror and suddenly I saw a guy who was trying to kill me but my elder brother saved me by kicking him towards the pillars of terrace the suspicious man said "I will come back" soon after this incident I fainted and when I woke up I saw my brother carrying me to the bed and taking care of me I said "what was that big brother?" he replied "you really need not to know " he put his finger on my forehead and said "Next time Jack".After this incident I never saw my big brother as after this he slaughtered each clan member I was so sad and alone and I was looking for revenge but when the time come I fought with my brother and killed him but one thing always scares me that even after when I killed him in the end he came to me and touch my forehead again and said "Forgive me, Jack, for everything" but when a man named Sally showed himself he told the truth about my brother that he was a great ninja and he killed everyone to save me which includes our whole clan was extended and my hatred raised for the members of ninja academy. In this ninja world there is a hidden ninja technique called Reanimation technique through this technique one can make a person alive for some time a man named Leon who gave me a warning in the beginning revived everyone but my brother Zack was very genius and he was called as the prodigy in his ninja academy he and I together defeated him and in the end when he was fading like a dust he said one thing to me that "If I told you everything then perhaps u would have change mother and father and all our clan so, wouldn't be standing as a failure" These words touched my heart and in the end I swear that I will protect my pride as my brother did before me.

Hope this helps...

Ronald Brown
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