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Write about the following.1. Large farmers2. Subsistence farmers3. Small farmersHINGS TO DOto improve the standard of your village.​

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1) Large farmers

A farmer with own big plots of land and who do not cultivate their land and instead,hire landless labourers to work on their fields is called large farmer. And small farmers are the farmers who own small holding of land. They cultivate their land on their own or with the help of other small farmers.

2) Subsistence farmers

Subsistence agriculture occurs when farmers grow food crops to meet the needs of themselves and their families on smallholdings. ... Tony Waters writes: "Subsistence peasants are people who grow what they eat, build their own houses, and live without regularly making purchases in the marketplace."

3) Small farmers

A “small” farmer. ... The official answer: According to the USDA definition, a small farmer is defined as one that grows and sells between $1,000 and $250,000 per year in agricultural products. Using USDA's definition and their most recent Census of Agriculture, about 86 percent of California's commercials farms are small.

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