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Plz helped in my question inside=for each of the following general statements change all of the pronouns and possessive adjectives to agree with the pronoun given in brackets:;::::;;;;;;::::::::(1) we should work hard to achieve your goal.________________________(2) when you are tired, you should try to give yourself time to relax.(we) ________________________(3) one can never be sure whether once's intention are correct.(you)_______________________(4) if one releases something good, one should surely do that.(we)_______________________(5) if one own property, we should protect ourselves with a good insurance policy.(one)________________________(6) we should have patience in every circumstances.(you)________________________(7) we should try to educate ourselves as well as possible. (you)________________________ ‚Äč

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in 1st one u didn't gave a bracket

(2) when we are tired,we should give ourselves time to relax

(3) one can never be sure whether your intentions are correct

(4) if we release something good, we should surely do that

(5) if one own property, one should protect one's self ( or itself ) with a good insurance policy

(6) you should have patience in every circumstances

(7) you should try to educate yourself as well as possible

hope it helps u

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