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Which of the following elements is MOST electropositive? Be, C, O, B, Al.Write and explain your answer.        Which of the following elements is MOST non‐metallic? Mg, Si, P, Na, Cl.       Write and explain your answer.​

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Most non metallic is P

Most metallic is Al

Reason for non metallic P is that it has high electronegativity than Cl atom more over it is more electron deficient.

Reason for high metallic nature of Aluminum as compare to Be is that it has 1s2 2s2 filled and when talking about boron it is intrinsic nature of boron to be non metallic (boron show exceptional behaviour due to its very small size) hence only one option left for most electropositive Nature and that is Al

Lebel Lebel
Jan 19, 2021
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