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Write a story which includes the sentence: ‘You want me to lead the group but I don’t think I have the right qualities.’

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You want me to lead the group but I don’t think I have the right qualities,” I exclaimed in desperation. “Listen to me Fahad,” the chief yelled,” I don’t have much time. You need to do this. You are our only hope.” He put his hand on my shoulder reassuringly while the other was holding the mortal wound found in his stomach. He released a last breath and his hand fell limply. Dread washed over me. “What are we going to do?” I thought.

Three days ago, a group of twenty students, including me had gone on a camping trip for one week. Everything was going smoothly. We were camping in the forest situated in the outskirts of the city. The first day we found a great camping spot where each chosen pair erected their tents. The second day went in organizing the week and gathering the necessary supplies. The third day, the exploration began. That was then everything went down in the dumps.

Apparently, while exploring, five of us discovered an abandoned church and they saw some signs that there were people living in the church. Once back to the camping site, they reported their discovery to the chief who decided to check it out. That was how half of the group went to the church. I was one of them. Once we arrived at our destination, chills filled our bodies. Everyone was visibly shaking. In front of us stood the church with a menacing sure surrounding it. An eerie silence hung in the air. The chief reluctantly approached the giant doors and pushed them open. It was then the rampage started.

It was already night time. And within the darkness of the church, hundreds of red hungry eyes fell upon us. Menacing growls were heard and with that we got a cue to run. Everyone sprinted away in the direction of the camp. Huff’s and puffs chorused across the group. Curiously yet reluctantly, I glanced over my shoulder and I immediately regretted it. Nor far behind us, hundreds of mutilated beings were approaching at a reasonably fast pace. Their haunting red eyes were fixed on us, looking at us like hungry predators would. Their mouths hung open exposing sharp teeth, dripping with saliva. “Those aren’t human beings,” I thought terrified,” they are beasts.”

We somehow managed to reach the camp and gather the rest of us while taking only the necessities with us, which were torches, batteries, ropes and some food supplies. We ran and ran and ran, but the forest never seemed to come to an end. Suddenly, the chief, who was leading the group, came to an abrupt stop. Everyone tenses, afraid upon seeing the sight in front of us. There was the same abandoned church with a more threatening aura surrounding it. The hungry growls and thumping footsteps behind us brought us back from our stance. We had no choice but to enter the church.

Once in the church, the stench of rotten corpse and blood wafted through our noses. Eyes widened as they took in the sight in front of us. Corpses were littered everywhere. The cross was tainted with blood and was turned upside down. However, there was a room in the back. While hurrying there, we got attacked. We eventually managed to get in the room and close the doors.

However, there were a lot of casualties, including the chief who was now lying dead here in my arms owing to the severity of the wound. I sadly placed him on the floors and looked at my fellows. Only sixteen survivors. They were all in a deplorable state. Sobs echoed through the room for the loss of their friends. I looked at the chief, “Don’t worry, Sir. I promise that I will get us out of here. Even if it costs my life.”

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