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Can you give me example that 'Great things come from small beginnings'

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It is "From small beginnings come great things"

This proverb tells the need to begin a work that you are interested in and you are passionate about it. It is your ambition to achieve this but it requires an action which is to be done only by you to bear sweet fruit.

I will give you my own example.

I am very passionate about writing detective stories and one day I really wish that my stories will be published and become best sellers.

I won't achieve this in one single go. I have to perform necessary action in small doses that is by writing short stories and showing this to my friends, relatives, teachers. I have to correct my mistakes , produce excellent plots. But how will I do this? By writing a lot.

No one expects a seed to grow into a plant overnight. Similarly, our ambition cannot be achieved in one try. We have to nurture the plant so that it grows into a big and healthy tree. Similarly, we have to work on our passion in small tries and nurtured until our passion becomes something great and incredible!

"Great things come from small beginnings"


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