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VictoireM VictoireM Feb 1, 2021

SHORT ESSAY ON "MY HOBBY - CYCLING" :-Cycling is one of my favourite hobbies that i do in free time. Cycling is a good hobby since it makes the body healthy. It is also a type of exercising. One can adopt this hobby since it does not fool away our much time and can be done anywhere and anytime. I have my bicycle since 1 year. I do cycling outside my house for 1 hour daily.

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My hobby is riding a bicycle. I choose this hobby because,it can make the body always health. Riding a bicycle is does not a hard activity and we can do it in anywhere. According to me riding a bicycle is a good hobby because,it does not fool away many time and it's a kind of a good activity

Rodion Rodion
Feb 1, 2021
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