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The train platform was one of the first sights that prisoners saw when they arrived at concentration camps. Even camps that were designated for
killing had busy entry spaces where prisoners were sorted and directed to the gas chambers. The gate area of Chelmno was not that way. Only a
small number of people would ever be seen moving around in the camp. For what reason would an outsider find Chelmno so quiet in
comparison with other camps?
The train station was at the back of the camp, hidden from the main gates.
Prisoners were killed in mobile gas vans on the way to the camp.
Chelmno was used as a depot for weapons and tanks, not for killing.
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Chelmno was very small and only used for executing political prisoners.

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The reason why an outsider would find Chelmno so quiet in comparison to other camps Prisoners were killed in mobile gas vans on the way to the camp.

During the holocaust in Germany a lot of Jews were killed. The Chelmno was an established Jew killing center. Gas poison was used the murder this people in their numbers.

When the killers got hold of the Jews, they would lead them to a truck that could contained up to 50 people. Immediately the trucks were full, they would introduce carbon monoxide into the vans.

The Jews died by asphyxiation. After their death the van would be moved into the forest camps were there bodies are deposited.


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