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"Say No to drugs" is the only effective measures to stay safe from drug abuse.Explain​

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Teens who experiment with drugs put their health and safety at risk. Help prevent teen drug abuse by talking to your teen about the consequences of using drugs and the importance of making healthy choices.

Why teens use or misuse drugs

Various factors can contribute to teen drug use and misuse. First-time use often occurs in social settings with easily accessible substances, such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Continued use might be a result of insecurities or a desire for social acceptance. Teens may feel indestructible and might not consider the consequences of their actions, leading them to take dangerous risks with drugs.Common risk factors for teen drug abuse include:

A family history of substance abuse

A mental or behavioral health condition, such as depression, anxiety or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Impulsive or risk-taking behavior

A history of traumatic events, such as experiencing a car accident or being a victim of abuse

Low self-esteem or feelings of social rejection

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