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Meredith lives 24 blocks from her friend’s house. if she travels 1 block every minute, how many minutes will it take her to reach her friend’s house? what if she travels 2 blocks every minute? show how you calculated each answer. copy and complete the table below to represent the

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This problem can be solved by using the formula forlinear motions. The formula relating velocity, distance and time is:

t = d / v

where t is time, d is distance and v is velocity


We are given that d = 24 blocks


<u>When v = 1 block / minute</u>

t = 24 blocks / (1 block / minute)

t = 24 minutes


<u>When v = 2 block / minute</u>

t = 24 blocks / (2 block / minute)

t = 12 minutes


Hence we can see that it takes half the time when she istravelling at 2 blocks per minute.

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