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Changing Theories

Discuss how the research in this article shows how new technology and experimental methods can lead to changes in theories.

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In the previous era, up until the last ten years, the assurance of integrity within the research process was primarily upheld through a self-regulatory framework. This framework was built upon shared ethical principles and widely accepted research practices. This collective foundation encompassed values that guided not only scientists but also various scholars. These principles included the recognition of knowledge's sanctity, fostering collegial relationships, upholding honesty, championing objectivity, and embracing transparency.

These guiding tenets played a pivotal role in every facet of the scientific method. Whether it was formulating a hypothesis, devising experiments to assess these hypotheses, or amassing and interpreting data, these principles were fundamental. Moreover, specialized principles intrinsic to specific scientific fields influenced various aspects such as the approach to observation, the collection, storage, management, and dissemination of data, the communication of scientific findings, and the mentorship of emerging scientists.

It's important to acknowledge the diversity in the application of these principles. Their implementation could differ significantly across various scientific domains, diverse research institutions, and individual researchers.

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