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I have to give a presentation about Sebastian, a supporting character in "The Tempest."Sebastian from The Tempest.Discuss his version of his story... |

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The first step in putting together your presentation is to create an outline, so that you can organize your material coherently. One possible way to structure your presentation would be to cover;

Sebastian`s family: Mention that Sebastian is the brother of Alonso and uncle of Ferdinand.

Plot: Discuss Sebastian`s plotting with Antonio to usurp the kingship of Naples.

Lines: List the lines in which Sebastian appears as well as the lines he speaks in the play.

Background: Discuss the law of primogeniture (that titles and property descend to the eldest son) and the difficulties this causes in the play.

Doubling: Discuss Prospero-Antonio and Alfonso-Sebastian as structural doubles within the play.

Conclusion: Assume you are a friend of Sebastian. How would his account of the story differ from the one we see? Could you construct a version sympathetic to him? Which plot elements are important from Sebastian's point of view and which aren't?

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