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The graph shows the relationship between the number of gallons of water and time. Based on this information, which is the independent variable and the dependent variable? A) Both time and gallons of water are dependent variables. B) Both time and gallons of water are independent variables. C) The dependent variable is time, and the independent variable is gallons of water. D) The independent variable is time, and the dependent variable is gallons of water.

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is there any photos or whatever?

d. 24+-0.114

the question requires us to calculate the approximate 95% confidence interval for the mean number of ounces of ketchup per bottle in the sample given the following statistics;

sample mean = 24

standard deviation, σ = 0.4

sample size , n = 49

the confidence interval for a population mean is calculated using the formula;

sample mean ± z-score*(σ/sqrt(n))

the z-score associated with a 95% confidence interval, from the standard normal tables, is;


substituting these values into the formula;

24 ± 1.96*(0.4/7)

= 24 ± 0.112

from the alternatives given, choice d is closest to the above expression;

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