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What do you need to have to message someone on brainly? i need exact amounts

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Brainly is trolling -_-

They got rid of the DM sections

becayse you are tire

when i get tired i yawn


Textual Evidence points to this being a mystery.   "Scientists will continue to investigate the mystery of the yawn...While this behavior still is largely a mystery, one thing is certain: you are probably fighting the urge to yawn right about now."

Other words/textual evidence that support the

> "The theory is that..."

> "scientists believe..."

> "even with a lifetime commitment, sometimes scientists fail to find all the answers. One mystery that still remains unsolved is why we yawn..."

I hope that helped you !

To Wake The Body

In reality its because you oxygen levels get to low

Based on the article i think the answer is

To encourage the brainI didnt read the passage, but from the questions im pretty sure it’s B.
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